Sunday, March 20, 2011

western standoff- St. Mary's Lab 3

This lab consisted of a couple new skills but were nothing new to the students. They have a general feel for the movements but were not perfect. Teaching was still a little difficult. It was harder to get their attention then it actually was to teach them the game. My game was the 3rd one to go and the kids were already tired physically and mentally. Giving them a water break gave them some time to gather themselves and get ready for the next game but some were overall fed up and just sat on the bleachers and refused to play. Emotions also ran a little high when some kids don't want to be labeled as the builders or the bulldozers. It did help that you made it clear that sides will switch so that everybody gets a fair chance. The kids did enjoy the game but some more than others. The importance of timing and breaks can make a difference on how the kids play and focus.

Lab sheet here

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