Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 2 - Cartoon Lab

This was my first trip to St. Mary's while being dressed in a theme. The theme this week was cartoon characters. I decided to dress up as Mario. I was lucky enough that my neighbors had the costume available for me even though they were not quite big enough.  As the lab went on I got more and more attention from the kids. Who are you? Where's Luigi? These were reoccurring questions. I enjoyed the attention that I got from the kids but when it came to presenting and teaching my game the kids were completely distracted. Costumes within moderation I think would be attractive but not hindering to the actual teaching of the class. It probably depends on the age group that you are teaching. This made my first lesson a little more difficult than I originally anticipated. After finally presenting the game and getting the kids moving it looked like they were having good time.  

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