Monday, January 31, 2011

Fundamental Skill Development

As physical educators it is important that basic motor skills are taught and applied to their students daily lives. Skills learned in Physical Education classes don't just help in gym class but may help in routine activities.  A good  teacher is capable of helping students improve in motor, cognitive, and affective categories.  Basic physical movements taught at an early age are helpful when it comes to teaching different material in physical education.  Basic skills like running, skipping, and hopping can help lead to more difficult movements like punting or throwing.  These common movements are in many sports seen on television that many kids wish to participate in.  This greatly helps with proper exercise and a healthier lifestyle.  Without the basic techniques taught and acquired it makes it difficult for children to progress.  Teachers usually incorporate group play in their classes which promotes teamwork and developing social skills.  Lessons taught in Physical Education class give students new thoughts on movement, fitness, and academic concepts. Basic fundamental skills lead to many other important concepts taught at later stages. 
Approval of Physical Education

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First blog

This feels really weird for me.  I have never had a blog or posted anything like this before.  I do think that this new wave of communication will be beneficial for many aspects when it comes to teaching.  Over the winter break I was mostly here in Cortland.  One of the afternoons in early January the basketball team went to a local detention center.  We spent several hours getting to know about the routine and life inside the center.  The kids ranged between 14 and 18 years old.  After a short while of getting to know the ground rules we got to bring kids to the indoor field house.  We got to meet the kids and know a little about them.  The kids were excited to see new faces considering that many of them only get to see their family every once and a while.  We set up a couple simple basketball drills to help warm them up both physically and too us as a group.  We joined in some drills whether it was by actually doing them or by encouraging them vocally.  Players would talk friendly trash talk as they got ready to play one another.  The kids were amped and ready to compete.  The ball was tossed up and the boys were all smiles.  You could tell by watching them that they were happy.  They wanted to impress us and the rest of their friends.  It was a good experience that I actually really enjoyed.  I learned just as much from them as they probably learned from us.  I hope I can do it again some time soon.