Wednesday, February 16, 2011

teaching under duress

As we were going through our activities today in the gym for our lab I couldn't help but think about what if things didn't go so smoothly.  This popped up into my head because I have been sick the past couple of days and have just about completely lost my voice.  I thought about how I would go about presenting my game even with a lack of voice. Luckily I was given the day off because of it but I'm not always going to be given such good fortune. I thought about how close I'd have to bring in my class and make it clear to them that they'd have to focus real closely in order to hear the rules to the game. I also thought about using helpers in the class to set an example. I would ask a couple kids to stand up and set up the game as they help demonstrate as it would be played. The music would be a way to communicate to the kids whether or not the game has begun or ended.  There must be other ways to get your message across to the class without just verbally conveying your point.  

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