Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St. Mary's 2

Earlier today at St. Mary's we had our second lab where we were a little more prepared for what to expect. Many students had the chance to teach and initiate their first game or activity.  Some kids looked attentive and willing to participate while others had their attention somewhere else.  I did not get the chance to teach any games but I was able to get plenty of personal time with some of the kids.  I started off in the cafeteria with a couple of boys playing with Legos. Zachary was nice enough to build me a house with a door and window. After a short while we made our way back upstairs to the gym where everybody was more active.  Casey, a young and talented jump roper, showed me the ropes (pun intended). She put me through a difficult and rigorous jump rope tutorial where I would be ranked. By the end of the day Casey and a bunch of other girls got together and started to do some double dutch. I learned a lot from Casey today. As much teaching as I will be doing in the future I too will also be taught some new things.

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